I should say we produced, not you.

PMGTARAL employees know that teamwork is always more important and permanent than individual achievements in order to achieve a common goal, and institutionalization will be achieved in this way.

Customer satisfaction is our main mission

Our first priority is to create value for our customers and to respond to their expectations with quality and stability. It is our duty to protect our products and to be with our customers before and after sales.

Creating resources for continuous improvement

It is our duty to use all our resources rationally, not to compromise on extravagance and waste, and to show with our behaviors that the interests of the company are always ahead of individual interests, and to spread this awareness.

Respect for people, environment and society

It is our duty to act in good faith and understanding in all our relationships, to always comply with laws and moral rules, and to be sensitive to society and the environment.

PMGTARAL Corporate innovation strategy

Considering the current and foreseeable needs of the market, with the participation of all its employees, it is to provide excellent rates and services that ensure sustainable, profitable growth.

Since 1968, we have been one of the leading organizations in the Agricultural Sector and we have been offering tens of thousands of quality products to Turkish farmers with the slogan “Farmer’s Friend”.

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