Mission & Vision


To determine the wishes and expectations of the customers in the best way, to ensure that they provide the highest satisfaction and benefit from their products and services.

It is the duty of everyone working in our company to protect and maintain the quality reliability and company reputation of PMGTARAL, which has settled in the Agricultural Machinery manufacturing area of our organization for many years, based on the idea of “Quality is not controlled, it is produced”.

It is essential to become the leading company in our sector by following the developing technology, believing that the concept of quality in agriculture is an understanding that reduces costs and increases profitability, and is aware of the protection of the environment.


By producing innovative products that can compete worldwide, to maintain its pioneering quality as always in the sector, to increase and maintain its feature of being a preferred and reliable company.

Since 1968, we have been one of the leading organizations in the Agricultural Sector and we have been offering tens of thousands of quality products to Turkish farmers with the slogan “Farmer’s Friend”.

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